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Winter is the time for our beach body

Let's face it, everyone wants to look perfect in the summer, especially at the beach or pool when we're a lot more undressed. In summer, we humans spend a lot of money to achieve a good look. For example, for fitness, diets, hair removal, preparing the skin for tanning and of course, we spend loads of money on bikinis. But the key to achieving all this, and at a better price, is to start from afar! As here I mean first and foremost fitness and nutrition.

For starters, set a goal, build a program to achieve it, make it a routine and start your regular training now! Along with them, you should also include a new diet tailored to your goals, with which to stimulate the process of change.

Important thing - no matter how much you train, no matter what you train, if the nutrition is not tailored to you, your daily life, health condition and goals, then the results will be minimal, even zero. Nutrition and training go hand in hand!

Now it's still winter and we may all be "covering up" for the moment, but as soon as the weather warms up a bit, and we will look in the wardrobe for more skimpy clothing, we will understand that the moment has come and we are a little late in our action for our perfect body.

It isn’t that quick results cannot be achieved, but it is well known that they are short-lived, the effects like a boomerang and often the health has not suffered even if at the beginning we have no signals about it. 

Why not do everything smoothly, step by step, without stress for our organism and psyche? It’s the summer form that is created in winter. And why not incorporate it into lifestyle and be in a good shape all the year, but that's for the next blog topic… 

Here are a few tips you can implement to get you started:

  • Include some physical activity or fitness at least 3 times a week
  • Take every opportunity to walk
  • Drink enough water for good hydration 
  • Have at least 3 meals a day, don't starve
  • If possible, eat food prepared by you
  • Turn off junk - food and everything sugary, of course smoothly
  • Have a full sleep
  • There are more but start here 😉

Just remember – summer bodies are built in winter!

Yoana Zhilkova