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Guest of "Good Morning Europe"

It has become a tradition to be a guest at  Euronews Bulgaria. And to tell you, I feel more and more comfortable in the studio. If they invite me again, I'll be right at home.

Time was limited – only 12 minutes. That's how it is on television, and I wanted to tell so much more. The invitation was in connection with my last competition Balkan Grand Prix 3 on 9.10.2022 and the absolute victory in my Bikini category.

The topic: A new international award for the Bulgarian champion in bodybuilding Yoana Zhilkova. She talked about her new championship title from the international tournament in the "Bikini Fitness" category - Balkan Gran Prix 3 in the "Good Morning Europe" studio.

You can watch the whole interview on my YouTube channel “Yoana Zhilkova”, by following this link: 

There I missed, or rather there was no time left, to tell about my crown 🙂 To tell you, it's the first time a crown is put on my head and like any woman, or more precisely like a little girl, I was super happy. It was very funny because I was walking around with a crown all the time until I got home. Imagine, the competition is over, I'm wearing my tracksuits and a sweatshirt, trainers and a glittery crown in my hair. We joked with the children that they now have a princess, not mom 🙂

About the crowns - it's a tradition at the IFBB Pro League competitions in the USA, in addition to medals, cups and plaques, to have crowns, which are often double or triple the size of mine. Part of the congratulations and wishes for me was to get many more crowns, so I hope to earn one of those in USA one day!

We shared with Izo (my coach and husband) about our future appearances. In 4 weeks we have a very important competition in Italy - the first ever NPC Worldwide - Pro Qualifier competition for Masters (athletes over 35 y.o.). I really hope everything goes well, both with my form and with the trip, because they have started canceling flights again due to airline strikes, which is extremely unpleasant for all of us.

We also shared very simple tips for everyone who wants to be healthy and feel good like:

  1. At least 3 times a week physical activity - some kind of training;
  2. At least twice a week walking in the park,mountains, or in the gym - low-intensity cardio;
  3. The diet should be as clean as possible - vegetables, carbohydrates with a low glycemic index, lean meats, good fats.

Thanks again for your attention! After the live, we took photos as a keepsake, which I am sharing here for you.

Interesting facts:

  • Makeup, hair and clothing are all by myself. I like to take care of my vision. Of course, there we fixed the make-up additionally, because after all we shoot in a studio where the light is very strong.
  • I had no worries about the interview even though it was live.
  • I didn't have advance access to the questions like before, but I also didn't worry about what we were going to talk about.
  • Izo hadn't planned to participate this time with me, but he wasn't given the chance - everyone knows us as a team and he joined the conversation.
  • The host Diana Radeva and her team are great and smiling people who know how to make you feel comfortable and relaxed.

I just love being in the spotlight