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The Month of Interviews - Part 2

When they invite you to a popular podcast, the feeling is WOW. Especially if you are a fan of it, as it was in my case. I was a guest of Tsanov - Forward and Upward on YouTube.

I will share with you some interesting facts from my visit on July 16:

  • The presenter is very good at his job! The way he expresses himself definitely makes a big impact watching his videos.
  • The studio is very small, really very small. It was surprising how he accommodated three of our best bodybuilders in Bulgaria with a total weight of over 350 kg - Dimitar Dimitrov, Dobri Delev and Stanimir Etov.
  • I defined myself as the "lucky girl":))) I don't know if I brought luck, but I was invited as a professional competitor and athlete to participate with comments on the topics that were discussed, I also assisted the presenter. 
  • The questions were given by my grace. The topics were varied, but related to sports and muscles of course. It was definitely interesting!
  • There was a lot of laughter in the studio, really a lot.
  • And yes, there really was whiskey in the glasses 😉

Be sure to watch the free version, which is about 30 minutes long. I leave a link below. And if you have a subscription, you'll also enjoy the entire raw video, which is over an hour long.

Watch here:

I will of course say a big Thank you for the invitation! It was exciting and unforgettable for me. I also laughed a lot after watching the whole YouTube video.

And last but not least, I had the honor of measuring perhaps the largest biceps in Bulgaria of Stanimir Etov - which, by the way, I guessed to be 58 cm! I'm good, right?