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Happy to see you here ♡ 

I thought for a long time what the first topic of my blog should be and I chose it to be about my project, which I created especially for you with a lot of love coming from my passion for sports and a balanced and healthy lifestyle. is where I have gathered my personal experience with nutrition, physical activity, recovery and health care for myself and my family, and now I'm sharing it with you. Already with the start of my sports career in 2019, you girls wanted to train with me and change not only your bodies, but also your lifestyle. So this moment has come when I can really help you with my experience to achieve your goals together. I'm prioritizing online fitness coaching now, but all this time I have been selectively working with clients because my focus has been on gaining more and more professional and personal life experience. 

I completely understand the needs, feelings and desires of women because I'm like you - a woman with her strengths and weaknesses, emotions, good and bad days, dreams, problems, mother, wife. What you will get here is not just an exercise program or a meal plan, but much more - how to live and balance between self-care and everyday life, tips, tricks, ideas for eating, shopping, cooking for you and the family, how to recover, relax and improve your health. It's an overall lifestyle coaching.

Here I'm sharing a brief description of what to expect from my site. I started this project with the idea to be understandable, clear and well systematized without redundant information, so that you can quickly find what you need. In today's fast-paced time, we all need to find the right things for us easily and immediately. 

▪︎ HOMEPAGE – from there you reach all the sections on the site – the services I offer, my blog, my story page, the gallery, contacts and login to the application that is currently under development. From any other page you can return to the home page by opening the menu in the upper right corner or by clicking on my logo. 

▪︎ TOP POSING and FITNESS PACKAGES – my most requested services are displayed on the home page. Under them you have the option to buy or read more. By opening the given package you will get all the necessary information about it, which will help you in your choice. The most important information is presented in several icons below the text for greater convenience. 

Under the currently viewed package in the carousel, you will also find all other options such as fitness/posing packages, which you can also view individually. 

THE TERMS OF USE for each package appear for your convenience in a pop-up window that can be opened and closed at any time without leaving the page you are on. 

▪︎ LOG IN  to the  web application at (under development) – you will have your own personal place which we can safely call a diary because there we will be able to track your progress together, whether in posing or in change of the body in relation to the set goals. You will also be able to receive feedback based on your videos and photos that you will upload to the application. But I'll have a special blog theme for it when it's ready. We will currently communicate via email/phone etc. applications convenient for both parties. 

▪︎ BLOG – I never thought that I would be so happy to have a blog and write, but it is really great because I will have a place where I don't have limits to expand on a variety of topics based on my life experiences, which for sure will be useful to you. So stay tuned, I will also remind you about the new blog themes on my social profiles. 

▪︎ ABOUT ME – Feel my story and learn more about me. 

▪︎ GALLERY contains my selected photos in three sections: fitness, competitions and shootings. 

▪︎CONTACTS  and LINKS –  everything is collected in one place – e-mail and social profiles –  Instagram, Facebook, YouTube. You will find them at the bottom on every page of or your convenience and for quick contact with me. 

▪︎ THE FEEDBACK – on the home page I have also shared a small part of my clients' feedbacks about our work together. 

▪︎ FAQ or FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS – there you will find the answers to all your questions. I have tried to be as detailed as possible to make it convenient for you in your search for additional information regarding posing and fitness coaching. But if you don't find your question in the list, don't hesitate to contact me.

PS: this is only the beginning, we will develop ourselves even more from here! I'm motivated by you girls☆  I'll be preparing new, interesting and useful blog topics for you, asking you what I'm missing and what you really need, developing new features for the site and the Web App, new training programs, nutrition and posing and much more.

I wish you a pleasant stay at