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A whole summer at the sea and still in shape!

If, like me, you are passionate about sports and more specifically fitness, I am sure that you are always looking and wondering if there is a place where you can do sports, even when you are vacationing somewhere in the mountains or at the sea...

Well, I already know such a place and it is located in the seaside town beloved by many of us - Sozopol. There you can train amateurly and/or professionally according to your goals while enjoying your summer vacation.

I am happy that, together with my husband Hristo, we became part of the opening and development of the new fitness center at Green life Beach Resort Sozopol, which perfectly complements the services of the entire complex. For several years, we spend our summer holidays there, in a period of competition preparation, and now I can fully conduct my training there.

If you follow me on my social networks Instagram and Facebook, you are surely already familiar with the new fitness center, thanks to all the stories and posts I've been sharing. My goal was to bring you as close as possible to the place and its atmosphere, to my personal training sessions, as well as to those of my clients.

I also want to tell you about an interesting platform that I saw for the first time there - a new modern Outrace structure from Technogym, located inside the gym. It is a mix of components and accessories for flexible training - from functional to conditioning to weight lifting. So you can diversify your training routine and restart and "shock" the body with something different, or adapt your exercises with slight changes in technique and equipment. I can tell you from experience that this "change" will have a positive effect on your shape.

For example, this is how I kept in shape this summer - except with the use of classic fitness equipment and free weights, and with the new combined platform that I already described to you.

The devices are Technogym from Hristo has serious experience and knowledge from his long-term practice as a personal trainer and with his participation in the selection of fitness equipment, we are sure that you will not miss anything there.

I also share a few more useful things for you, such as the fact that the gym is open during the summer season and, in addition to residents and vacationers in the complex, it is also open to outsiders. If you are in the Sozopol area next year, I recommend you to visit us, even for just one cardio session, because the view of the dunes and the seashore is very pleasant, at least for me and according to everyone who used the cardio area this summer.

If you decide to visit the new gym in Green life Beach Resort Sozopol, Hristo and I will be there again to train both ourselves and to conduct our individual personal training sessions with clients. You can also join us by contacting me here or on my social networks, which I will leave at the bottom.

I love summer and the sea, and I look forward to it next year. And even though winter is coming, I will continue to keep in shape and improve it for next season.

I know everyone wants to make their change. So when you're ready, I'm waiting for you and we act. More information about my fitness services here.